Fresh Paint
Monday, July 18, 2005
At Last, Some Art
... or at least a little colored drawing.

Now we are understanding more clearly why I don't do watercolor. Not fresh and spontaneous, is it?

Anyway, have been quiet lately, and so have you. Most people think summer is a fun time, but I don't, not this year. Don't understand how we can have the worst drought in 130 years and yet it's too humid to breathe. Am a prisoner of air conditioning. If I hadn't turned it on at all, I probably wouldn't be complaining.

So have been grumbling and watching Woody Allen movies. Either I never saw Play It Again Sam back then or was too wrecked to remember it. What a wonderful movie! I don't have to tell you the story, because you probably have seen it a couple of hundred times.

Since the weather is just supposed to get worse, I may slip away to the North Pole this weekend, but if so, will take the computer and let you know how the global warming is coming along.

And I must repeat: this is NOT a Rove-free zone. I am merely savoring it all, since luckily the links (except it's obvious absence from anywhere on the CNN web site) are everywhere.

And now we discover that Bush is getting ready to fire himself! Yes!

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