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Monday, August 01, 2005
Mooning the Nation
Bush Appoints Bolton, Bypassing Senate
In recent weeks, it faded into the background as the Senate prepared to begin a nomination battle over John Roberts, the federal appeals judge that Bush chose to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at the Supreme Court.[ed. have we forgotten Rovegate so quickly? guess so]
They forgot to mention our other important distractions out there.... Michael Jackson.... Terry Schaivo.... the runaway bride... the blonde girl in Aruba.... Paula Abdul....

But it hardly matters, since this admin thinks so little of the U.N. anyway. This is done with a smirk and a middle finger to the Senate, including some worried and fairly powerful Repubs, like Voinovich of Ohio. Let's hope they don't forget.

Let's hope we don't forget. And I hope we keep pushing on getting those documents from the White House. That's a big issue with this gang. They don't want to give us all of the Roberts documents either.

God, it makes me sick.

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