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Monday, August 01, 2005
Why I Like Printmaking, Part xxxiiiv
... also why I hate it:

I can do versions of this literally forever and never repeat myself. All done from the collograph plate in the upper left corner. Bottom row, everything wiped intaglio, one on the left is a "ghost" of the first impression. Top row is intaglio plus relief roll with a ghost.

Please admire them, because I nearly killed myself standing on a wobbly stool to photograph them. When I was done, and after the vertigo and palpitations had stopped, a helpful soul said that I should have laid them on white paper on the floor and done it. D'oh!

Good midday, friends. Spent all last Friday printing or showing people stuff, spent weekend in hiding with books, videos, etc.

Found some particularly addictive, fiendishly simple-looking logic puzzles at the Guardian site that has been sucking a great amount of time out of my universe. They are called Sudoku, and "all" you have to do is arrange numbers in a grid correctly.

Four or five hours later...

Maybe I should start with the easy ones.

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