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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Latest Tree
Those of you who've been wondering what, exactly, I've been suffering for may note that this tree is pretty much the same as this other tree, only without the hokey moon.

And it is. I masked off the part of the stone that really wasn't working and have been fighting with an old can of ink that may be partly oxidized and of dubious quality. But I love the deep ultramarine color -- haven't been able to get it with a newer can. The problem has been a lot of scumming and lifting -- possibly because it's hundreds of degrees down in the print shop pit.

Good midday, friends. Have been going thru a creative slump lately, probably weather related. All I want to do is sit on the couch and read or watch movies. Don't even feel much like eating, which for me is odd. Not even junk food.

Friends say I shouldn't worry. If you're an artist, you're doing art even if you're not doing art. Eventually I'll explode into a frenzy of painting and really good stuff.

But that's not how I feel. I'll never paint again.... I'll never come up with another creative thought (as though I ever had one).... oh, just slap me silly.

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