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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Life in Baghdad
Khalid Goes to Pay His University Bills and Gets Abducted
So the interrogator said: "so he killed 300 people?"
"yes sir" Nathom answered, and the interrogator writes the confession.
"and he stole an Opel Car?"
"yes sir"
"a yellow one?"
"yes sir"
And then the interrogator put down the pen and said "you son of a b****, it has been more that two years since the war and I never saw one yellow Opel car"
(And it"s true, for some reason all Opels in Iraq are grey, some are black or blue but it"s rare, but no yellow ones!) All of that interrogation happened while Nathom is hanging upside down, and being hit at the same time.

I left the jail and the two brothers where still there.
For those who haven't been keeping up with our favorite Iraqi family, Raed in the Middle's brother Khalid writes at length about his recent experience being mistaken for a terrorist because he read his brother's and Riverbend's blog while on campus. I don't know how they can keep their sense of humor about it all, but somehow they manage to. Just call me a terrorist, I guess.

Good evening, folks. It feels like Friday, probably because I printed most of the day, when I wasn't sweating, that is. And resting up now, because will go at it again tomorrow.

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