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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
We Win One
Del. Cosgrove pulls bill after Internet fuels fiery protest

I'm sure that 500 emails was a conservative estimate. This is the Virginia bill that would have forced women to report all "fetal deaths" (ie., miscarriages) within 12 hours else be fined. I was thinking about sending him a bloody tampon myself and have him figure out whether it was a miscarried fetus or not. I sure don't know. I'm just a stupid woman, after all, who's been having cramps and heavy flows lately. Maybe I should call the cops and report it, just in case?
He said he had intended to amend the measure, but decided to abandon the effort instead .

Reproductive-rights activists were skeptical of Cosgrove’s explanation.

“Everyone who read that bill interpreted it the same way,” said Bennet Greenberg, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “It’s very confusing as to why he did not understand the bill the way everyone else did.”
Vigilance, is the keyword. Vigilance and email.

Good midday folks. For a moment I thought it was getting lighter outside but then I rubbed my eyes and it went away. Have been working on the big abstract painting from last summer (as with still life, something I don't generally do) this morning, since it's big, messy, and unthinking. I had first called it "Tabloid Landscape," and so it remains, becoming more and more lurid. Lots of heat, lots of blood.

Back later.

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