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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Barack Obama sworn in to U.S. Senate
A great day for Illinois and the nation. Video below. (Catch the cute shots of his daughters).

UPDATE: You will note his hand is placed on his Bible, not, as liars say, on a Koran. A different member of Congress entirely was sworn in using a Koran. Truth about his religion can be found here. In case you don't recognize him, the man on the right is Vice President Dick Cheney, who, as President of the Senate, administers the oath of office. He probably would have noticed and said something at the time if it had been a Koran, but he seems happy enough in this picture.

Obama ready to work for Illinois

Obama Sworn In As Senator

NBC may have video tucked away somewhere but I couldn't find it.

Senator Obama and Congresswoman Bean can now take the "elect" off their names and get to work. Will post links to their new offices at some point. I hope they (and the other Dems) have hired some internet-savvy staffers this session who understand that we bloggers are standing by, keyboards ready, to make sure the Democrats' message doesn't get DLC'ed (or DNC'ed, for that matter).

I will not surrender Social Security to Bush. I will not surrender my body to Bush. I will not surrender my freedom to Bush. I will not surrender my health to Bush.... Rinse and repeat.

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