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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Like Watching Paint Dry
... or rather, for the first coat of gesso to dry so I can put a second coat on before I go to bed so I can get up and paint tomorrow.

One of the rules of life: you never have a surface the right size for what you suddenly want to paint.

Have decided to do a big, complex still life with lots of planes and round and elliptical shapes (the kind I'm not good at -- always look lopsided), and movement in and out. It's to be called "Still Life With Cellphone", and everything's set up back in the studio. After doing a few little drawings, however, decided that it's going to be way too much for my typical little 12 x 12 board or canvas, so dug out a slab of luan that's 24 x 24 to work on.

Not sure whether to post the working docs yet, since I may end up doing something completely different -- have been known to spend all afternoon drawing a tree, and then suddenly a car catches my eye and I do a painting of that.

Have not been deeply intellectual lately. I apologize.

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