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Monday, December 27, 2004
Pac Man Mondrian Finally Makes the Times
Pac-Mondrian was created by a Toronto art group, Prize Budget for Boys, for a contest sponsored by the Web site rhizome.org, an affiliate of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan. It did not win, but two prominent Web sites - metafilter.com and boingboing.net - picked up Pac-Mondrian's Web link. Soon thousands were playing the game and passing it on to their friends. Last month the magazine Art News wrote about it....

But a number of arty Web sites and Weblogs have, including eyebeam.org, beadesigngroup.com and even a blog about the Abstract Expressionist painter Franz Kline. At watercoolergames.org, a site devoted to "video games with an agenda," the comparative aesthetics of the game and the painting were debated.
Yes, that must be me, though why they couldn't provide the actual link is simply rude. I am not offended. I am not angry.

Good morning, everyone. I had other things to write about besides a nugget from way back in July that finally made it to the NYT, but got so excited I had to post this quickly.

Far better than writing about the devastation and horrors in Asia from the earthquake and tsunami. I sit here comfortably with my knee warmers, coffee, TV and look forward to a pleasant, somewhat boring day as a bloggist and realize how very good not having to worry about anything worse than running out of half-and-half can be.

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