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Monday, December 20, 2004
Not Much Happening
... except Christmas cards and laundry.

High point of day was dropping by the local yarn store and treating myself to a pair of bamboo needles. While prowling around the interknit had run into advice that bamboo needles tended not to split the strands of a soft yarn like my ancient, pointy alumninum needles.

And it's true. They're also not freezing cold, are lighter, and make a soft clucking sound, rather than a harsh, slippery clanking. Haven't dropped or split a stitch yet, and everything just seems much more cuddley.

Ignoring as much as possible Bush's "press conference," where he showed us all plainly that he lives in a completely different universe that is very evil. I just wish he'd stay there permanently. I don't understand what magic Rumsfeld has. Is it a big dick or something? Does he possess the missing Bush's missing military records?

It is a good sign that Nancy Pelosi jumped all over his ongoing attack on Social Security. This is what the dems must do repeatedly, and in small sound bites, until we've taken the issue and made it ours.

Dentist again tomorrow. Plus Winter Solstice coming up, thank god. Means it will start getting light again, and we haven't even had any stickable snow yet.

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