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Monday, December 13, 2004
The Race That Never Ends
Election Official Says 561 Ballots Wrongly Rejected in Washington Governor's Race
Logan said election workers mistakenly rejected 561 absentee ballots because they thought signatures on the ballots did not match original voter registration records.

However, he said that the signatures simply were not on file in the county's computerized voter registration system and that original registration records should have been checked.

"We need to correct the error and count those votes," Logan said in a statement.

One of the rejected ballots belonged to King County Council Chairman Larry Phillips, The Seattle Times reported.

"I was under the absolute impression not only I voted, but followed the instructions correctly," Phillips said. "If it can happen to the King County Council chairman, it can happen to anyone."
Just to prove it's not all art, all the time around here.

This reminds me of my own little cause celebre when I went to vote absentee, and how a mistake caught in time provided Barack Obama one more vote in that tight, tight race.

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