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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Or Perhaps Not...
I voted at the Civic Center today. The City Clerk herself looked up my ward and precinct and wrote it down, then gave me the ballot. I was pretty sure it wasn't the same precinct I'd always had, but I figured, she's the City Clerk. She should know. Maybe they've remapped me. So my vote is now cast, but it was bugging me, nonetheless, so I looked up my address at voterinfonet.com online just now, and sure enough, it's telling me the ward and precinct I had remembered.

So my question is this: will my vote be declared invalid? Will they shuttle my ballot over to the wrong precinct where my address won't be found on the rolls? Will it then go into a Provisional Voting bucket?

I am going to call the clerk's office tomorrow and find out what is likely to happen.

If anyone else has an experience like this I'd like to hear from them. This is the first time I've voted absentee in-person, and I figured it would be foolproof.

So, everyone, be armed with every piece of information possible before voting. One other question on the application asked how long I'd lived at my address. I was sweating there, since I had no idea, and I think I answered it wrong.

Needless to say, it would be supremely ironic if after making sure everyone else and their brother got registered to vote, my own vote ended up not counting. Rovian, almost.

UPDATE: See this link for how it all got resolved.

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