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Monday, October 11, 2004
Ha Ha Ha
Citing Voting Machine Woes, Diebold Cuts Earnings Forecast
In September, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer joined a lawsuit alleging that Diebold sold the state shoddy hardware and software, exposing elections to hackers and software bugs. The case was originally filed late last year by a computer programmer and a voting rights advocate, who claimed that California elections officials spent at least $19 million on equipment that had critical hardware and software problems.

California's Alameda County also joined the false claims case, which could require Diebold to pay triple damages. Faulty equipment in the March primary forced at least 6,000 of 316,000 voters in the county east of San Francisco to use backup paper ballots instead of the paperless voting terminals.
Earlier this year, California's secretary of state, Kevin Shelley, banned one Diebold voting system after he found uncertified software that "jeopardized" the outcome of elections in several counties, and state voting officials began considering filing a criminal lawsuit against the company.
Etc. Guess Bush is bad for business all around.

Good afternoon, friends. Back from my vacation over at That Colored Fellas Weblog, as the talking stick has been handed over to the next guest, Shawn from Progressive Illinois, who is talking about the scheme to make Arnold Schwarzenegger the next King of America -- sorry, President.

Despite all the "ha ha ha"s for Diebold, am also feeling sad, because Superman has died. I know we all hoped he'd survive to fly like a bird (or a plane) again, but his good deeds will continue, I have no doubt, through family, friends, and his foundation.

He left a message for John Kerry on Saturday, only hours before his death. Kerry had spoken about him at the Friday night debate. Kerry spoke about the actor with warmth and sadness at an event today. Ignore the Nedra Picklerisms.

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