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Monday, October 11, 2004
Obama in Milwaukee
Four downloadable mp3 clips of Barack Obama's speech are here, and a few photos too. I wasn't there, but people who were said it was really good. I know people were talking about it in Beloit, everyone wishing he was running up there, and they wanted our Obama buttons. Hey, I like Russ Feingold a lot too, and I love his t-shirt (the one with the spine I've mentioned before). A link to the recent Feingold / Michels debate can be found here. In mid-September, Feingold was ahead 53/38.

The Washington Post covered the rally and speech on page A2, and there was a brief mention (online, at least) in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The Indymedia clips are very lo-fidelity (maybe recorded off someone's phone?) but you get the idea of what a great speaker Obama is, if you've never heard him live before.

He and Alan Keyes will be "debating" in Springfield tomorrow night at 7 pm. Catch it on the radio. You can find the station here. More info also over at Obama's blog. You can listen to the debate online at WJBC Bloomington: http://www.wjbc.com.

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