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Friday, December 10, 2004
Friday Night Gloom
Another lake, from earlier today. I was going to do the Friday Night openings over at West Loop Gate tonight, where most of the action is this week, but it's raining and dreary, and not even art will get me out of the house, so I'm going to sit inside and feel sorry for myself.

It did briefly look like this around 10:30 this morning, then clouded over even more. Was very foggy and pale. This is a slightly different location from where I had been drawing, since they put a big storm fence right across the path to the beach. Darn them. Don't they know an artist is trying to work?

My Wi-Fi connection has been very poor today. I think SBC is doing something down the street, or I'm getting interference from the giant trucks that have been ripping down and grinding up our sick, giant elm trees. We managed to save a few of them since they were good candidates for the injections, but is hard to see them go like this. Just hope we can get some new hardy trees started right away.

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