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Monday, December 06, 2004
Night Lake

Wanted to see if I could figure out colors in the dark, so since there was nothing on tv (except a major fire down in the loop -- sad, but nothing I can do about it -- went to my sketching post by the lake in the dark.

Since this is a park, there's a fair amount of light from the yellowish anti-crime lights and the older white-light street lights, plus lights from the harbor and a faint glow from the sky giving it a slightly reddish cast. But was dark, dark, dark nonetheless, and couldn't really draw anything, but just tried to memorize the colors.

Interesting, anyway. Somewhat brooding.

Supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so who knows when I'll get out again.

My color memory is getting trained. I'm just forgetting to pay bills, like mortgage, etc.

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