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Monday, December 13, 2004
Yesterday Evening
I just can't stop.

On way back from store around 6 pm drove by my usual post and couldn't believe my eyes. The water was pink, like the sewer in a mad scientist's cellar. The sky had a faint sundown tinge behind me, still, but little light over the lake itself. I don't know where these colors come from. I didn't have my regular notebook with me, so scrambled in the car and found sloppy paper and started scribbling.

One thing about color: it's easy to do two things: 1) assume you know the color (ie, sky is blue, water is greenish blue, clouds are white, earth is brown or green, etc.) or 2) your brain can't figure it out, because it goes counter to what you're brain has been telling you all these years.

I haven't been studying colors in low-light since I was at Ox-Bow years ago and was encouraged to hedonistically explore light in all its manifestations.

So here's one more step in the education of The Management. I think the pinkish water was a little more pearly and shimmering, but that may just be my dementia.

Back more with more. (Click to view bigger image, now that I've figured out how to do it).

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