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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Waves Onrushing
My favorite Milton Avery paintings are of waves -- especially when the mouth of the wave is dead gray and comes right at you. (will stick in link later -- am already late for an appointment).

I am working on waves today. Out early, is 16 degrees at the lake, brilliant lemony sun from the south on the water, but the brain doesn't understand still how to draw a wave. I don't want to take a book out from the library, or learn from Monet, or whatever (I've done all these things and it just seems wrong, somehow) or take a picture and copy it.

So here's a few words:

Waves: tall gray ridges of cream coming this way straight, not at an angle. Slowly, like jello beginning to jell, very methodical. The rise picks up the sun from the south, slightly west. As it falls away, darker, onto ice blue picked up from sky, criss-cross lozenges.


Back later with how it ended up (not all that hot, but WTH).

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