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Friday, December 17, 2004
I Was Right About the U-Haul
.He's Gone
Neighbors of the former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Alan Keyes said he loaded the contents of his Garfield Avenue apartment into a U-Haul truck just days after the Nov. 2 election.
"I saw him. I got home from work at about 11:30 p.m. and his driver was in the U-Haul," Witherspoon said.
"He left all his things in Chicago," Hair said. "He took everything from the one apartment, like his BowFlex, and moved it to the other."

Keyes chose the downtown condo as a part of his plan to re-energize the Illinois Republican Party by "bringing new blood in," she said.
Don't know whether Judy rented a U-Haul too, or whether she's just going to start running for governor right now from the back of her car.
State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka told leaders of the Illinois Republican Party on Friday that she will step down as party chairman at the end of January, providing transition time for a new leader to be named in coming weeks.
There was almost no talk about the U.S. Senate race involving Alan Keyes, a GOP candidate brought to Illinois from Maryland, who got 27 percent of the vote to 70 percent for Democratic U.S. Sen.-elect Barack Obama on Nov. 2.
In honor of ArchPundit returning to us after a lengthy computer illness, I have dug out a few things we might have missed about the Illinois Republicans. I could care less what they do, since they are the minority party in Illinois and I can stomp on them as cheerfully as they would stomp on me.

I will shortly post yesterday's lake that I agonized over with deep, searching questions, but my image server was down, so will wait a bit.

Any Keyes sightings in downtown Chicago lately? He's supposed to be around somewhere, revitalizing stuff and all.

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