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Sunday, December 19, 2004
All Bush All the Time, Part II
Time does it again:

The magazine gives the honor to the person who had the greatest impact, good or bad, over the year.

Kelly said other candidates included Michael Moore and Mel Gibson, "because in different ways their movies tapped in to deep cultural streams," and political strategist Rove, who is widely credited with engineering Bush's win. Kelly said choosing Rove alone would have taken away from the credit he said Bush deserves.
I am shocked. Shouldn't Scott Peterson have been given the honor? Didn't we get more blanket coverage of his trial than we did about the tens, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dying, the more than 1300 American deaths, the unimaginable damage that will be unleashed if Bush gets his way with Social Security?

Not to be a buzz-kill this Sunday morning, but this is why I've been happy to live in my little lite-news bubble the past few weeks, and it will only get worse as the pundits have to find year-end wrap-up stories that will mostly bash Democrats and get the moral victory crap further wedged into the collective consciousness.

So step away from the TV, people. Nothing here to see.

Is 6 degrees right now on the sunny side of the house, brilliant sunlight, and I am contemplating going to see what the lake looks like.

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