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Friday, December 24, 2004
Art In America, Again
Dan at Iconoduel has transcribed the entire article. This is punishment for Art In America not sending out magazines to all subscribers simultaneously.

The List, Transcribed

Good morning, all. I hope those who requested the Knee Warmer pattern are busily making them up (they go fast) in time to stick under the tree tomorrow. I have been known to wrap up the whole unfinished mess and stick a bow on it, in a pinch.

The family downstate is snowed in and has brought many of the vulnerable animals (in particular a rabbit, rooster, and all of the dogs) into the house. I am not there to document this and provide another round of rabbit, poultry, and dog blogging like I did for Thanksgiving.

So am eating pumpkin pie for breakfast and getting ready to do art or something. I'm not fond of this time of year.

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