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Friday, December 24, 2004
Pattern for Knee Warmers
In honor of it being a little over 5 degrees on the sunny side of the house right now (and Xmas eve), and by request from several people, I present the pattern for Knee Warmers from my old knitting book.

KNEE CAP -- Cast on 6 st. K4 ridges (8 rows) garter st.

Inc. row -- K1, inc. 1 st in next st, k to end. Repeat last row until there are 30 st. on needle. Work 20 ridges (40 rows) even.

Dec. row -- K1, k2 tog., k to end of row. Repeat last row until 6 sts remain. K4 ridges. Bind off, do not break yarn [ed. unless you're changing colors, like I did]

CUFFS -- Pick up and k 60 sts on one side of knee cap. Work even in ribbing of k2, p2 for 3 1/2 ins. or desired length. Bind off in ribbing [ed. loosely!]. Work cuff on other side of knee cap in same way. Sew back seam.

That's it, very simple. Instructions call for "Bear Brand or Fleisher's Machine Washable Win-Sport", 2 oz. sk, 2 skeins. Knitting needles: 1 pair Size 3.

I made these with worsted weight on size 4, since I'm not (ahem) utterly petite and "sport weight" is hard to find beyond the internet. I also changed to size 6 needles to bind off, which made it easier for me to bind off loosely.

Original picture.
My version.
My knees.

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