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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Shifting Sands
.... of links. Have moved them around, recategorized and combined, and added one or two. Biggest chunk is the list of art world sanctioned blogs from the Art in America January issue, as good a place to start explorations from as any. I may add a few more, but I don't want to become either a link farm or an arbiter of taste. There's only so much time in the universe and I'd rather spend it knitting, watching TV, looking at or doing art, rather than waiting for an overweight page to load or figure out whether I'll ever visit it again.

A note about declaring Bridge Magazine moribund: I don't know when it was last updated, or if it's even being published any longer. Every time I've gone to the site they have the same old stuff they had before, or maybe not. Hard to tell. I wish they'd at least date their entries, otherwise I end up getting excited about seeing a show that closed 2 years ago.

A site like GARDENfresh has a similar problem. It's an interesting concept, but someone needs to keep up its online presence (i.e., keep it "fresh").

This is why I'm so fond of blogs and bloggers. Static sites tend to just sit there, are often overdesigned and take a year to load, though perhaps are beautiful once they're loaded if they don't crash while doing it. They are still dead. Art and writing should be alive.

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