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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Happy New Year
And good morning, all. Am watching a Mystery marathon while knitting the sweater right now and not even hungover, unlike you I'm sure.

Yesterday was a glorious day around here, nearly 60 degrees, maybe even more in the sun, so went out to paint, first time 1) actually painting with paint and 2) actually doing it outdoors since before the election. So clumsy. Forgot the turp, forgot the paint rags, etc. etc., and the ice I wanted to paint melted and blew away before my very eyes.

Discovered that all this craypas lake stuff I've been doing has made reality less appealing than previously. Ice and water doesn't move around as much in memory or in quick notebook drawings, and waves tend to hold still better than when the wind is blowing your easel over.

So spent hours outdoors yesterday, came back home, had a big glass of eggnog, and promptly fell asleep. So much for going out and carousing. Not my favorite holiday, in any case. Halloween is my favorite.

Have a few touchups to do still, then will post.

It will be a good year, I promise.

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