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Sunday, January 09, 2005
More Honor for Illinois
If it hadn't been evident how blue Illinois is, and how happy the House is that Illinois is blue, our own Rahm Emanuel is taking over the fundraising reins from the late Bob Matsui:

Pelosi Names Rahm Emanuel to Head DCCC
Emanuel, who was re-elected in November to his second term as Representative of Illinois' 5th District with 78 percent of the vote, was recently appointed to the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Emanuel was chosen by his Democratic freshmen class as Democratic Whip for their class. In the 2004 election cycle, he served as a Vice Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee of the New Democratic Coalition.
Go get em, Rahm!

Good evening, folks. Many of you have probably been paying attention to Illinois politics more closely than I have. Check out the links at the side for some good reads if you're interested. Ralph in particular has been on top of things from his perch at the top of a mountain in Colorado lately. Maybe it takes a certain distance to do a good job. ArchPundit has often scooped the Illinois blogging world from St. Louis.

Have spent time trying to paint today with no luck. Was like I didn't know what I was doing. Frightening. Maybe it's the still life thing. Maybe there's a reason I don't do the things.

Weather is supposed to be warmish tomorrow, then turn ice stormy and then plunge into single digits, so may have to shut the studio again by the end of the week.

This sucks.

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