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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Heart Attack Alert
.... well, maybe "art attack," too, but just came in from shovelling about 5 inches of slush and crud thrown up by the plows. HEAVY with leaves, it being first shovelworthy snow in at least a year.

So you homeowner newbies in the Chicago area: don't let the overweight but loveable hubby do the shovelling when you get home tonight, please.

To recap the day so far: I took a post-coffee and post-waking up nap, woke up again with all the knitted matter that had been piled on the couch piled on me, shivered, peed, decided to paint a small version of the big painting, below, only bright and for the love of god, NOT GRAY.

For the more intense and expensive pigments, I've been using Williamsburg paints for the last 4 or 5 years. I especially like the cadmiums and cobalts which last forever, though admittedly Williamsburg has problems with consistency from batch to batch, and they get a bit overly romantic with their paint names, such as "Egyptian Violet," as a euphemism for Diox Purple. Still. They used to be so hard to find that everyone in your class would band together and submit an order to get the big discount, but around here you can get them at Goods, and of course on the internets now.

For everything else, I've been using Utrecht or Gamblin. I particularly like Utrecht's Raw Umber, because it's a tad greener and colder and so feels a bit more neutral.

Anyway, the left arm isn't throbbing any more, so perhaps will post this and get back to it. Will check out the lake later when I go shovel again.

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