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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Snow Day
Spent morning procrastinating over shovelling the foot of snow that fell overnight, then spent more than an hour at it. For once the plows that kept cruising by didn't re plow snow back in my face, and for this I am grateful.

Neighborhood is filled with ecstatic children wearing themselves out with a vengeance. We'll all sleep tonight.

Many of you have been waiting impatiently I know for some mention of printmaking on this blog, even though it's been advertised up there at the top for nearly a year. I used to do a lot, and rented a studio with a press, etc., but got kicked out when they decided not to support printmaking.

So have signed up for stone lithography at Evanston Arts Center, something I haven't done in a very long time, and they haven't offered it in a long time either. Have done tons of xerox planography, which is an ok substitute, but there's nothing like a stone. Doesn't start until mid-February, darn, but it gives me another 6 weeks to figure out what I want to print.

With all the snow, I thought the new ice shapes at the lake would be interesting, but they weren't, though the snow practically absorbs color every time the sun shifts between the clouds. I noted everything from lemony yellow to deep almost greenish violet in the fifteen minutes I spent watching. I had an idea about a digital video just concentrating on the colors of the snow in one foot-wide (or whatever) space, keeping the changes but perhaps shortening duration so that it isn't boring to sit through.

But that would be art that isn't what I do, though you never know.

Next post will have some thoughts about Dennis Kowalski and canoes.

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