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Friday, January 07, 2005
Dennis Kowalski in the Snow
I regret now that I didn't go to Kowalski's lecture last summer when he installed "The Great Lakes Project" on the grounds of the Evanston Art Center. (I dug this out of a purse, so may be a bit wrinkled).

I've driven by it so often since July that I've stopped seeing it, so I thought I'd show you what it looks like now, mood desolate, mood snowy:

From the somewhat jargonny program card:
The Great Lakes Project continues this established artist's perceptual and cultural investigations into how prosaic objects and materials when re-contextualized reveal overlooked layers of American history. This piece grew directly out of a response to this site's relationship to the history of Native Americans, a long-time theme of this socially conscious artist's work. Kowalski has often addressed the way in which dominant cultures render indigenous peoples invisible through appropriation of their symbols and languages.
I have recontextualized it for you now with snow. It makes it much easier to see the forms and layout of the site as beautiful shapes. But lonely, beautiful shapes. The Indians are truly all gone.

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