Fresh Paint
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Painting In Progress, Again
Ok, so here's the next stage of this thing. Shot came out just a touch warmer than previous (since I didn't do it in daylight, but in the studio), but I don't want to futz with it. It's pretty close, since I did beef up the hot colors anyway. What looks like hard white lines here and there is glare from edge of impastoed brush or knife strokes. I got a lot of paint on this thing, very very unusual for me.

This is actually a good exercise, since looking at the images side-by-side in the image editor I see what leaps out and screams, "fix me"! I wanted to put smooth blue (as in blue sky) here and there, but not sure whether it's working. Like where I put lots of "stuff" in the middle. This is supposed to be a "tabloid landscape" after all, and I need all the aliens and 2-headed pigs I can get.

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