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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Republicans for Obama
Remember him? Reagan's press secretary who was shot in the same assassination attempt? Remember the Brady Bill?

Brady blasts Keyes' stand on gun control
Disabled gun control activist Jim Brady weighed in Wednesday on Republican U.S. Senate nominee Alan Keyes' declaration that the U.S. Constitution grants private citizens the right to own and carry machine guns, calling the remarks an "insane" call for a return to "the Al Capone days."

"He must have fallen on his head," Brady said of Keyes. "I was dumbfounded."
And the quotes just get better:
Brady said he has never heard anything like Keyes' views in the years he and his wife, Sarah, have been active in supporting gun control measures. "He's not appropriate for Illinois," Brady said.

Brady said he still considers himself a Republican, except "when I hear s--- like this."
And check out Austin Mayor's wonderful list of weapons "ordinary infantry" are trained on, that Keyes thinks are ok for carrying around.

I feel like I could use a cigarette right now. So content.

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