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Thursday, August 26, 2004
F the Swift Boat Liars
This is what's really important to everyone:

Ranks of Poverty, Uninsured Rose in 2003
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of Americans living in poverty increased by 1.3 million last year, while the ranks of the uninsured swelled by 1.4 million, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.
It was the third straight annual increase for both categories. While not unexpected, it was a double dose of bad economic news during a tight re-election campaign for President Bush.
The rise was more dramatic for children. There were 12.9 million living in poverty last year, or 17.6 percent of the under-18 population. That was an increase of about 800,000 from 2002, when 16.7 percent of all children were in poverty....

Even before release of the data, some Democrats claimed the Bush administration was trying to play down bad news by releasing the reports about a month earlier than usual. They normally are released separately in late September
"It makes me wonder whether this statistical agency is being politicized in some way," said O'Hare, who has studied the poverty and health insurance data for over two decades."
Ya Think?

Good morning friends. Bad news all round for Bush, for whom I of course weep buckets. WI-FI is still acting funky. I can only get an ok signal if I sit directly in the middle of the bed in the northwest corner of the house and have the computer angled at a 32.3 degree angle and don't touch the keyboard if a train or a big truck is passing by. So will be brief.

The thing right now that they're doing bothers me even more than lying -- trying to make it seem like Kerry is the bad guy with the so-called "shadowy" organizations. Moveon.org and ACT are hardly shadowy, unless the shadows of millions of actual individual contributors and petition signers who have been holding bake sales, selling stuff online, and signing and signing and signing everything in sight if it'll get Bush out of office are "shadows." The Liars Group is a 527 with a Bush campaign lawyer. Don't ever forget, even if they're trying to change the subject again.

And just wait until the "shadowy" conservative ads start blanketing the airwaves. You'll want to move to a blue state, where they don't show them. The only way to get rid of them, in fact, is to turn your state so blue they give up.

But back to the bad news, starting with this:

Iraq Oil Exports Cut in Half After Attack
BASRA, Iraq (AP) -- A sabotage attack on a cluster of about 20 oil pipelines in southern Iraq has cut exports from the key oil producing region by half, a top oil official said Thursday.
War going well, I see.

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