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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Yeah, Right
Governor will skip GOP convention
Florida's governor said Hurricane Charley recovery efforts would keep him in the state when thousands of Republicans gather in New York City.

But he also sounds happy to skip the convention, at which he already was playing a low-key role and where his presence could prove an unwelcome reminder of Florida's disputed role in the 2000 election. [ed. plus it gives him more time to clean the voter rolls this time around].
If Bush went to New York and hurricane recovery stalls, he and the president would get blamed for politicking while the state struggles. But not attending the nomination could leave people questioning the depth of his support for his brother, she said.
It couldn't possibly be that the area hardest hit contains a whole lot of Republican voters? In any case, Jeb seems to be very good at slinking away whenever there might be trouble.

Good afternoon, friends. So much going on in the news, so little I actually want to comment on. Rainy, humid day today, and my WI-FI keeps going out so am on the modem right now, meaning page loads take forever.

Kerry is back in Wisconsin at the moment at an event in Green Bay the local press was rather shy about discussing earlier in the day "for security reasons." They probably didn't want 20,000 Kerry supporters showing up unexpectedly before Bush had time to ship his thugs up there. Will see if he has more to say about Max Cleland's attempt to deliver a letter to George Bush at the ranch.

The Rovians have to be delighted with all this, though, since it's all free and it's keeping the attention away from George's piss-poor job performance. I was going to count the number of times McClellan skirted the press's request to make George condemn the actual content of the Liars's ads, but, as I said, the WI-FI has been spotty.

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