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Monday, August 23, 2004
Morning Report
Even the NYT is on the bandwagon.

Everybody Loves Obama
Obamania is sweeping Kenya. The Kenyan press, rapturous after Mr. Obama's keynote address at the Democratic convention, speculates on a future presidential bid. Parents are naming their newborns Obama, following a tradition to honor great Africans that produced an earlier generation of Kenyans named Lumumba and Nkrumah. Bar patrons in Nairobi reportedly ask for "Obamas" when ordering the barley beer called "Senator," while tribal elders are planning to slaughter bulls for a celebratory feast after the election.
Yes, we do, even the people I met in Wisconsin, who kept asking me, "What's he really like?" as though just coming up for the day from Illinois made me an official ambassador and spokesman. All women agree "he's hot," if they agree on nothing else.

Good morning, all. You might be surprised that I'm up so early, but I'm still full of energy (except for the feet) from yesterday's rally, and ready to search out tidbits to tempt your tastebuds. Stay tuned to this channel.


Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has this report about the rally (over 1000 people there, they say):

Edwards champions Kerry's character
Edwards said the attacks were "a lie" and Kerry served "honorably and proudly."

He said the attacks were being backed by important supporters of President Bush's re-election campaign and said, "There is one person and one person alone who can put an end to this, and his name is George W. Bush."
Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the Kerry ad where John McCain nails his new buddy George Bush when he did the same thing to him, you must. Watch here.

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