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Friday, August 20, 2004
Friday Early Report
Home Depot Acquisition of Kmart Stores Could Leave 1,200 Jobless
The Kmart employees being laid off will receive no severance pay, company spokesman Steve Pagnani told the Detroit Free Press for a Friday story. They will receive benefits owed to them, such as unused vacation time, he said.
See, when Home Depot takes over, they won't need to hire them back. In fact, I was quite unaware Home Depot even had employees -- or perhaps 2.5 per 2 square mile store. It is my least favorite place on the planet. I believe they hold training sessions for their smart-ass teen employees on how to humiliate not-yet middle-aged women trying to find the cheap paintbrushes.

Good morning, friends. Will be off for voter registration at some point soon, but thought I'd check in with you first. With oil now charging above $49 a barrel, we may not have the electricity to see each other again.

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