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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Nader Out in Illinois
State election board won't certify Nader for ballot
The Illinois State Board of Elections voted not to certify Nader for the state's Nov. 2 election ballot, board spokeswoman Elizabeth Beckman said. The Nader campaign submitted more than 32,000 petitions by the June 21 deadline, but the board determined that only 20,182 signatures were valid - short of the required 25,000.
However, he's still whining about it and seeking an injunction.
Nader campaign attorney Dan Johnson-Weinberger argued that the state's process for verifying signatures is too stringent. He said more than 5,000 signatures were thrown out because those petitioners were not registered at the address written alongside their signature, even though most are registered Illinois voters.
Excuse me, I thought that was the point of being a registered voter -- that you're registered.

I am a deputy registrar, after all.

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