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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Down on the Farm
Keyes no longer wants to abolish Agriculture Department
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Now that he's running for the U-S Senate in Illinois, Alan Keyes no longer supports abolishing the federal Agriculture Department.

The Republican candidate called for getting rid of the Ag Department when he was running for president in 1996. He said it wasted money and imposed red tape on farmers.
Surprise, surprise! Once again he's altering what he's saying depending on who he's saying it to. I'm dying to see the tape of him trying to connect with farmers at the fair. And the reason why he's changing his mind?
He says the federal budget isn't as tight as it was and the department has changed policies so there's less bureaucracy for farmers.
Federal...... budget...... not...... as...... tight.....? Yes, I heard something about all our recent lavish spending on schools, the arts, and healthcare -- but I thought they were doing it in IRAQ.

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