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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Art Interruption
My, but you have been good! So this is the painting I've been working on when I'm not prowling around the internet looking for truth:

It's not done, but the rough idea is there. I'm calling it "Tabloid Landscape," a title that presented itself as soon as I decided I wanted to use the more lurid colors in my paint box. Real bright and obvious and messy, and not at all nuanced. I need to get some darks in, because there's always a dark subtext to the tabloids, cynicism, meanness. Yet I want it to read, at least partially, as a landscape, because it's what I do, and should go with a few others I have that are largish but on the abstract side. Hence the canvas shape (24 by 36 inches) -- very landscapey.

It also relates to things I was doing with my Franz Kline project, the artist of big bold slashing marks, to refresh your memory. I kept thinking, why just black? I realize it's a manly, forceful color, but a girly girl hot pink is pretty forceful too.

In one of his paintings, "Buried Reds" (1953), Kline goes over the broad red marks of an under-painting with slightly thinner black paint, correcting and affirming what was underneath. I kinda wanted to do the reverse, but I'm too impatient to let it dry. Maybe I'll work something like that up in acrylics (no waiting!) and post over at the Kline Project blog.

And now back to our regularly scheduled political broadcast...

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