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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
W Stands for Warmonger, Weasel, Wuss....
While browsing through the Knitters Against Bush links (still searching for the next sweater -- come on, people, help me here!) found this page of useful "W" phrases:

W Stands For... Just About Everything Other Than Women
...Weapons of Mass Destruction
...Weekends at the Ranch
...Weird Color Schemes
...What Happened to the Oil Money?
...Where's the Recovery?
...and on and on and on and on
God knows what he really stands for, but it's certainly not women -- he even makes Laura do that part for him, and I wasn't really sure she had a vagina.

Laura Bush stops for custard and campaigning
The campaign event clearly had a family theme. Children sang patriotic songs. Many women brought their daughters. Prior to the arrival of the first lady, Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway and state GOP chairwoman Ann Wagner revved up the crowd.

"You didn't show up here by accident -- you were invited by someone who cares about the future of our country," Wagner said. [ed. these people don't dare have open forums -- invitation only is their preference]

She encouraged those attending to help get out the vote for the president. "If we keep to ourselves we will vote by ourselves," Wagner said.
Hmmm.... the last phrase, like all republican pronouncements, sounds like it means something, but (W)hat, exactly?

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