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Saturday, August 14, 2004
I Get Tired Just Going Out For Coffee
No windsurfing for Kerry, but he vows to return (link requires ridiculous registration, so here's the good part)
"Can you promise me wind on Monday or Tuesday," Kerry shouted to the crowd. He then added, "more importantly, can you promise me some votes in November." Kerry later confirmed to reporters that he intended to return next week, but details of the visit were still unclear.
"Get our country back," one woman shouted.

"Get that guy out of the White House," another woman said.

Kerry thanked the crowd and told them, "we're going to do it all."

In the background, someone played "Hail to the Chief" on a trumpet.
Back from Voter Registration, and it was the best day so far. If you've never done it, you must experience the love. I think I mentioned that we're not supposed to express opinions or electioneer when registering voters, but that doesn't stop them expressing their opinions, and most people aren't afraid. And perfect strangers come up to you just to tell you that they're registered, they're voting for Kerry and Obama, and that they're proud of what you're doing and just had to tell you. It's bizarre and embarassing. I've done voter registration ever since Clinton I in '92, but it's never been like this. The older woman I was with said she got occasional huffy comments like, "Well, I'm just not voting this year," from people who looked like they wanted to spit on us, but oh, so few, and I suppose they're allowed to stand on street corners too.

One who said he wasn't voting at all had to be the last remaining Nader guy in Illinois, and kept trying to give the other lady literature until she finally let him have it. I kept feebly trying to intervene, but feebly, since the guy was really making an idiot of himself insisting (as I'm sure he has for 4 years) that there's no difference between the two parties.

And I hear Keyes got pretty thoroughly booed at the Billiken parade, though there was only a brief clip of it on the news, following him saying something that sounded insane and followed by about 10 seconds of Obama sounding reasonable. Wish I'd been there, but oh, well. They can't vote for him if they're not registered.

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