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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Enough Already
Have been reluctant to address or link to articles about the bullshit being fed a confused public by the meme-makers at the RNC regarding John Kerry's service in Viet Nam since I really don't want to jump in and fan those flames higher and higher. However, Atrios has so much this morning it will make you weep, and I've been leaving comments about it all over the place (including much of what is below, thanks to the glories of cut-and-paste) that I figured I should say something right here at home.

Although I protested the war in Viet Nam and was even thrown in jail doing so, never once did I say a word against a soldier who was actually there. All this crap is a slap in the face to other veterans who served -- some more, some less, with differing lengths of training, service, and results. They all know what the truth of their service is better than the demons who inhabit the Rovian National Committee.

For 30 fucking years it hasn't been an issue until, thanks to the glories of the internet and its ability to instantly trash a good person, the RNC has manufactured an issue to recreate the wedge that continues to divide us.

If Nixon, that bad trickster of all bad tricksters, couldn't find dirt and make it stick back then, and if all of the opponents all the times Kerry has run for office and served with great leadership and honor never even bothered to bring it up, who do AWOL Bush and non-serving Cheney think they are to even be in the same room with this good man John Kerry?

These are the same people who tried to say John McCain was never a POW but was actually a communist working against us, for crying out loud!

Enough of negative crap. If Bush has something positive to say about what he's done in this world, I'll listen. But I've had it with this issue, because it's just a smokescreen for Bush as he traipses around behind John Kerry's bus tour, like some little kid making farting noises.

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