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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Eight Years Ago Today
What the real "Good On Terror" President was saying on Aug. 10, 1996 during his reelection campaign:
We are pursuing a three-part strategy against terrorism. First, we're rallying the world community to stand with us against terrorism. From the Summit of the Peacemakers in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where 13 Arab nations for the very first time condemned terror in Israel and throughout the Middle East, to the antiterror agreements we reached with our G-7 partners in Russia last month to take specific common actions to fight terrorism, we are moving forward together.

Our intelligence services have been sharing more information with other nations than ever, to stop terrorists before they act, capture them if they do, and see that they're brought to justice. We've imposed stiff sanctions with our allies against states that support terrorists. When necessary, we're acting on our own. A law I signed this week will help to deny Iran and Libya the money they use to finance international terrorism.
This fight against terrorism will be long and hard; there will be setbacks along the way. But let's remember, we can win. Already we have prevented planned terrorist attacks -- on the Holland Tunnel in New York, on the United Nations building, on our airplanes flying out of our West Coast airports. Already we have succeeded in extraditing terrorists back to America and convicting terrorists, and arresting others who are suspected of terrorism. We can whip this problem.
Much more. Refill the memory hole.

Speaking of which, the archives site used to include links to all the old Clinton White House web pages, starting with the very earliest circa 1993 or 4. Wonder whatever happened to them? Will search the collective memory and see if I can find them.

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