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Saturday, August 07, 2004
Tales From the Voter Registration Crypt
Strangest Comment From Someone Very, Very White: "I'm registered -- to NOT vote."

Annals of Education, Part 1: "You only have to be 18? When did they start that?" (Uh.... first election was 1972, I think... You know, 26th amendment...?)

Annals of Education, Part 2: "You mean you can vote at 18, but not drink till you're 21? How'd that happen?" (Dunno. Maybe the kids were too busy drinking to vote that year?)

Most Idiotic Group of Kids Ever: 13-15 yr old suburban boys from obvious republican homes jeering about stuff they know nothing about and making woofing and snorting noises after you turn your back on them stupidly.

Survived another round.

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