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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Just Your Ordinary Nut
Man Arrested in Chicago; Allegedly Plotted to Blow Up Federal Courthouse
Prosecutors said Gale William Nettles, 66, was arrested with a pickup truck containing 1,500 pounds of fertilizer that he allegedly thought was volatile ammonium nitrate, the farm chemical used to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building.

Nettles had planned to sell the chemical to terrorists who would blow up the Dirksen federal building, U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said in announcing the charges Thursday. But all the other people involved, including the "terrorists" and the people who sold him the fertilizer, were cooperating witnesses or federal agents, Fitzgerald said.
You mean he's not some crazed furriner we have to throw into Abu Ghraib By-The-Sea and torture until he confesses? You mean ordinary agents, intelligence, and prosecutors can get the job done without messing with the rights of law-abiding citizens? Like they found and prosecuted that nut William Krar with all the chemicals in Texas awhile back who's now safely in jail?

Amazing what WMDs they can find if they look in places where they're likely to be.

I said I'd go for a walk and so I shall. I just have to check one thing first....

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