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Sunday, August 01, 2004
I Know, I Know!
Government considering raising threat level in New York, Washington, official says
The government is considering raising the threat level in Washington and New York City and for financial companies, a Homeland Security Department official said Sunday.

Secretary Tom Ridge planned to discuss the alert status at an afternoon news conference at department headquarters. It was not immediately known what intelligence was leading the government to consider such action.
Perhaps it was this:
In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, Kerry is leading 49-42-3. The survey, conducted half on Thursday night and half on Friday, indicates that Kerry picked up the most support after he delivered his acceptance speech. And there is another hopeful sign for Democrats: only 36 percent of voters say they are "satisfied" with the country's direction, a number that is even lower, other polls show, among undecided voters.
This stuff is just writing itself, isn't it?

Good "morning" again, folks. After a gin-soaked night arting (well, not gin, but...), slowly recovering now and will be off soon to do my bit for democracy with voter registration.

Will sort out notes from the show at Gillock Gallery, but early returns favor somewhat-realist painter Michael Ellis and the tiny gouache military paintings of Vanessa Shinmoto, with Tim Anderson's tornados nipping closely at their heels.

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