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Thursday, July 29, 2004
GOP Death Watch, Version 2.0, Day 1
LEADER EXCLUSIVE: Ryan officially withdraws from U.S. Senate race:
CHICAGO -- Almost five weeks after announcing his intention to withdraw from the U.S. Senate race, Republican Jack Ryan's campaign said today that Ryan completed the official withdrawal paperwork on Wednesday and Federal Express picked up the envelope for delivery to the State Board of Elections on Thursday. [ed. with Rove riding shotgun, I'm sure]
There is some speculation that Ryan's Democratic opponent Barack Obama becoming a national sensation while delivering a rousing keynote speech before the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night may have been Ryan's final straw, causing him to file the withdrawal form.

This is published in the Leader (mouth organ of the Illinois right wing), however, so you can never be certain it's the truth.

ArchPundit has it, plus plenty of snark to go around. And blogger-comrade Polis has some fascinating campaign financing insights and the most complete link list of Obama writeups I've seen. Go, go, go.

Ok, now I'm leaving.

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