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Monday, July 26, 2004
We Cannot Lead If Our Leaders Mislead
... one of the phrases I copied down as Carter was delivering his speech, fine and effective.

Right now he's tearing a new one in this administrations's collective butt in a post-speech interview on PBS, and luckily he's being allowed to speak at length. Seems like he's been the designated Bush-basher for the convention, since he can offend with such a wonderful, slow, courtly manner. Transcripts for his speech and after-interviews will be a delight to read.

You forget that a president is capable of actually explaining what he means and actually engaging in a dialog with an interviewer that is unscripted. What a phenomenal man!

Have been flipping between watching on the internet and watching on PBS, trying to avoid the David Brooks-type crap -- he is so ignorant -- and doesn't deserve to be sitting at the same table with a great man like Carter.

He wasn't much of a president, granted, but he wasn't 80 years old then. Sometimes it takes awhile.

Big Dog is coming up soon. God, I've become such a junkie...

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