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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Could They Be Any Snottier?
The New York Times > Opinion > Chase the Guy With the Ball:
But it would be too bad if Mr. Obama cakewalked into Washington. Not just for Mr. Obama, who would take office with an asterisk ('*ran against incompetents'). Illinois voters deserve to see a capable opponent force him to answer tough questions and defend his positions. In other words, they deserve a nonludicrous race.
Words cannot describe the disgust I felt reading this so-called editorial in the NYT. And yes, I realize it was dripping with snarkiness and was supposed to be oh-so clever.

Illinois is a state that likes its politics the way it likes its sports -- so we Democrats will take a win any way we can get one. However, to imply that Barack Obama is the one at fault for slipping into office via the back door without being sufficiently roughed up by Rove's boys is appalling and ignorant, to say the least.

Does this also mean that Kerry would take office with an asterisk? You can't ask for a more incompetent incumbent than Bush.

Speaking of which, he is just down the street from me, or has been, fundraising his precious little butt off while I was at a Kerry meetup scheming and plotting to take back the country from "the ludicrous".

And sorry, NYT, but Dillard is taking a pass too: As retiring Senator Fitzgerald says here, Everyone Sane (Is) Out Of The Running. It's their problem, not Obama's. Just like it's their problem, not Kerry's.

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