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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Mommy, What's a Fax?
House Votes to Relax Junk Fax Rules
Companies and associations that rely on faxes to solicit business or communicate with members or clients have lobbied heavily to overturn the FCC rules, which they say would create new costs and paperwork and jeopardize efficient customer service. ...
Upton cited one estimate that complying with the new FCC rules would cost a small business $5,000 and 27 staff hours of work in the first year alone.
Ah, but just think of the time spent not kicking the damn fax machine, forgetting to put paper in it, having the damn thing stop printing halfway thru, misreading a blurry 3 for an 8 and not getting your invoice paid right and spending hours on the phone getting it straightened out, or it gets lost, or the "to" page falls behind the machine, or you sprain your back hauling reams and reams of the skin of dead trees to the trash, or you keep trying and trying to send and resend and resend because the damn phone line is busy -- and now with "relaxation" will always be busy.

Last gasp of a dying industry? I can't think of the last time anyone either wanted to send me one or wanted me to send them one.

There. Someone challenged me to write something that wasn't anti-Bush, and I've complied.

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