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Friday, July 16, 2004
Downer Friday Part 2
Rewinding the memory machine, I knew I remembered this. This is from back in March, written by Riverbend, the Iraqi woman living in Baghdad who blogs at Baghdad Burning:

Tales from Abu Ghraib...
"Why are you sitting all the way over there?" Scolded Umm Hassen fondly, "Come over here and sit." She nodded towards a large armchair next to our couch. The girl rose and I noticed for the first time just how slight her figure was- the long skirt and shirt hung off of her thin body like they belonged to someone else. She settled stiffly in the big chair and managed to look even smaller and younger.

"How old are you,M. ?" My mother asked kindly. "Nineteen." Came the reply. "And are you studying? Which college are you in?" The girl blushed furiously as she explained that she was studying Arabic literature but postponed the year becauseā€¦ "Because she was detained by the Americans." Umm Hassen finished angrily, shaking her head. "She's here to see Abu Hassen because her mother and three brothers are still in prison."
Read the whole thing and you will weep with what we've done to these nice, ordinary people. Riverbend hasn't blogged recently, which I know worries her friends around the world. On the other hand, they haven't had much electricity lately to run computers with, either.

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