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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Spanning the Globe With Freedom
Red Cross Fears U.S. Hiding Terror Detainees Around the World
GENEVA (AP) - The international Red Cross said Tuesday it suspects the United States is hiding detainees in lockups across the globe, though the agency has been granted access to thousands of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere.

Terror suspects reported by the FBI as captured have never turned up in detention centers, and the United States has failed to reply to agency demands for a list of everyone it's holding, said Antonella Notari, spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

"These people are, as far as we can tell, detained in locations that are undisclosed not only to us but also to the rest of the world," Notari told The Associated Press.
On at least one occasion, they moved these "ghost detainees" around the prison to hide them from a visiting Red Cross delegation, he added. He described the actions as "deceptive, contrary to Army Doctrine, and in violation of international law."
McClellan says that they're looking into it, but I can't find his actual comments anywhere. Guess they haven't had a press briefing pleasant enough lately to post to the whitehouse.gov site. Last posting up there is July 8, perhaps causing a probably fake someone to ask this:
June 11, 2004 | 11:00 a.m.(EDT)
Q: Mary:
Why have you stopped putting Scott McClellans press briefings on the White House website? Please keep posting them.

A: Jimmy Orr, White House Internet Director:
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your email. We really do appreciate the feedback from the public.
We do post Scott's press briefings on this page and when Scott briefs from the Press Briefing Room, we webcast these briefings live.

Press Briefings do not happen every day, but when they do occur, we put them up.

Thanks again.
So where do all these utterences go, if not here?

Good afternoon, my friends. A somewhat down and depressing day, nothing done today comes out right, plus it's hot and sticky and I have carpenter ants. November seems so far away....

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